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28th June 2016 

Complementary Therapy in the Sheffield and Mosborough Areas

Do you want to feel healthy, energised and stress-free this spring

My passion is for helping everyone achieve the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilling life possible, by delivering one to one quality, natural healthcare - free from drugs, artificial chemicals and without unnecessary animal testing. At my practice I see babies, children, teenagers to the elderly, in fact everyone is welcome to enjoy the range of therapies I offer- see the menu on the left - choose from Reflexology, Massage, Detox to Nutrition.

Whether you're hoping to make vital changes in 2016 concerning your diet AND nutrition, health and lifestyle, or are in need of pampering and relaxation I can help you feel better.

> My aim is to provide quality, one to one natural healthcare, free from drugs and artificial chemicals

Do You Need to Learn how to Relax More?
I asked this question to 10 people,and 9 said a definite yes!

Relaxation can be defined as the absence of musculo-skeletal tension combined with a minimal amount of inner mind chatter, creating a feeling of calm in the mind and body. With the fast pace of life today, the challenges and hassle of our daily life are making it increasingly difficult to totally relax at the end of the day. You may appreciate the need for relaxation but how often in a week do you actually achieve it?

Stress in our lives is one of the most notable factors preventing many of us from enjoying deep relaxation and could be affecting your health without you even realising it. Did you know that recent UK Labour Work Force survey showed that 13.5 million working days were lost due to work related stress.

I can teach you how to relax, unwind and let go, whenever you feel stressed or anxious,by means of correct breathing techniques, guided imagery and visualisation.These relaxation techniques are incorporated into the other therapy sessions that I offer in Sheffield, such as nutrition, reflexology or massage, at no extra cost.You can then practice these useful techniques at home,so they become part of your life,whenever you feel the need to relax and take time out.Even if you only practice for a few minutes daily, you will soon feel the benefit and be better able to manage your stress levels.

There are many benefits to be gained by making deep relaxation part of your life.

  • Improved concentration and problem solving
  • Feeling calmer and more energetic
  • Reduced mood swings
  • Reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure and muscular tension
  • Fewer headaches, aches and pains
  • Better quality of sleep and feeling more refreshed on waking

    Take a look at the client recommendations page to see how others have regained their health by using a combination of the therapies that I offer every day in Sheffield.


    Since my teenage years I have had an interest in health and nutrition, initially training in nursing and midwifery. I founded 'Complementary Health' in 1998, to provide reflexology, massage, diet and nutritional therapy around Mosborough, with a desire to provide healthcare for everyone, without the use of drugs.

    I offer Aromatherapy, Swedish and Indian Head Massage,Diet and Nutritional therapy, Lorisian Food Intolerance and Allergy testing, Homocysteine testing , Relaxation Techniques, Visualisation and Reflexology in Sheffield (with reflexology and nutrition being in great demand).

    I can also provide :
  • Vitamins, minerals and herbs for both people and animals
  • Organic natural skin, hair,bodycare as well as household products
  • Gift vouchers for all occasions from as little as 20
  • Health books

    If you are experiencing conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, pain,IBS, digestive issues,skin disorders,reduced fertility, hormonal and weight problems ... the list is endless, then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help using a range of therapies (Reflexology,Relaxation Techniques, Nutritional therapy etc.)

    My Complementary Health practice ( offering reflexology , nutritional therapy and other therapies) is situated 5 miles south east of Sheffield city centre, which is easily accessable from Mosborough, Handsworth, Gleadless, Woodseats, Halfway, Renishaw, Eckington, Aston, Killamarsh, Barlborough, Ridgeway, Rotherham, Worksop and M1 J30.

    I will listen to YOU.I will help YOU to help yourself and achieve your goal of BETTER HEALTH

    Not sure which is the best therapy, test or product for you? Email me with your health concerns for confidential free advice.Please leave your daytime contact number.

    Are you short of time,or live too far away? Why not have an online consultation with me to get to the route of your health problems? Contact me now for more details.

    NB If you want to find my website in the future, my surname is spelt AYERS and not AYRES

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    For Christmas, birthday, anniversary, congratulations or to say thank-you.

    GIFT VOUCHERS are available for any therapy or to redeem against health products